Patrons : Redcar RNLI Lifeboat Station, Norman Evans MBE, David Jamilly  of Theme Traders,

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Location : 54° 37’.10 N   001° 03’.70 W										Grid Ref :  NZ 607 251

Tel: 01642 491606

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Coastwatch Redcar Privacy Policy added to website.

Please note that as from 1st April 2018 our Registered Charity Number has changed to 1177709

Station Building Update:  New double glazing has been fitted to all windows in keeping with the building’s listed status and new safety barriers have been installed on the lookout roof.  

16/06/18     Link to Coastwatch Redcar Privacy Policy added.

04/04/18    Charity Number updated and building updates inserted in news section.


15/10/17   The Gazette Wish Campaign is once again underway. We would like to collect as many Tokens as possible to help with fundraising . The tokens are printed in the Gazette each evening and we would greatly appreciate it if you could save them on our behalf. Thank You

11/10/17  Tees Offshore Community Safety Fund closure notice inserted.

19/08/17  Donate buttons added ….. BT My Donate

02/08/17  Tees Offshore Community Safety Fund download link temporarily removed.

19/07/17  Tees Offshore Community Safety Fund launched today.

18/06/17  Sad news, today we learned of the death of our stalwart senior watchkeeper Mike Steere, our thoughts and prayers go out to all his family. He will be sadly missed by his colleagues at the station, RIP Mike and keep a weather eye in that big lookout mate!

08/06/17  Coastwatch Redcar have just received a generous grant from Seafarers UK for the following: -
Total refurbishment of the station's kitchen with all new and additional units, washroom and toilet facilities upgrade. Removal of partition wall, new heavy duty floor covering, water heater, microwave cooker and total redecorating. Many thanks to Seafarers UK in this their centenary year
. Seafarers UK

14/04/17  Both new cameras now operational, but still in need of some fine tuning.

The Cameras were kindly donated to Coastwatch by our Patrons Cleveland Cascades Ltd. Our sincere thanks to them for their continued support.

04/04/17  Apologies for the temporary loss of service …. We are having technical problems with the new webcams

19/03/17  One new camera now operational. The second will follow soon.

18/03/17  Apologies for the loss of the webcam service. We are currently installing and configuring two new cameras which will be operational very soon.

28/11/16  East facing webcam temporarily disabled and awaiting repair.

24/10/16  Norman Evans MBE  works very hard to support many local charities and once again he has raised a significant sum of money (£500) in support of Coastwatch Redcar. Thank You Norman.

29/09/16  The Gazette Wish Campaign is once again underway. We would like to collect as many Tokens as possible to help with fundraising for the replacement of vital observation equipment. The tokens are printed in the Gazette each evening and we would greatly appreciate it if you could save them on our behalf. Thank You

07/08/16  Incident Logs updated.

29/07/16  Construction work at the Lookout now complete. Live Weather and Live Webcams back on line.

19/07/16  NEWS:  Live Weather and Live Webcam temporarily unavailable whilst construction work is carried out in the Lookout. This work is expected to last about one week.

17/04/16  Norman Evans MBE a stalwart supporter of Coastwatch Redcar has just given us another donation, this time for £512.00. Our sincere thanks Norman, you are a hero to so many charities in the area, excellent work.

24/03/16   A big thank you to all of our supporters who collected a magnificent 44,127 Gazette Wish Tokens on our behalf …..  we received £591.12

Thank You also to The Gazette for supporting and running the Wish Token campaign once again.

02/12/15   The Gazette Wish Campaign iscurrently well underway. We would like to collect as many Tokens as possible to help with fundraising for the replacement of our Radar Scanner. The tokens are printed in the Gazette each evening and we would greatly appreciate it if you could save them on our behalf. Thank You

02/12/15   2015 Incident Log updated.

18/08/15  Link to the Seafarers' Advice and Information Line added to the Links page.

15/06/15  We were saddened to hear of the death of Norman Davies a onetime member and deputy controller of the Coastwatch station Redcar.  Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. RIP Norman.

11/04/15  Thank you to all who collected Gazette Wish Tokens on our behalf. A total of 64,629 were collected … a magnificent effort.

20/10/14  The Gazette Wish Campaign is once again underway. We would like to collect as many Tokens as possible to help with our essential fundraising for the continued refurbishment of our premises. The tokens are printed in the Evening Gazette each evening and we would greatly appreciate it if you could save them on our behalf. Thank You

06/09/14              The new Lookout is now operational, though there are still some fitting out tasks to be completed. Live Weather and Live Webcams are operational, subject to some minor adjustments being required.

Thanks to all concerned in the project ... a great deal of hard work .... and overall a magnificent achievement !

02/08/14             UPDATE - Construction of the new Lookout is progressing well ... The essential building work is now complete and work is about to start on the wiring and fitting out.  Coastwatch hope to be operational from the new Lookout by the end of August.

05/07/14             IMPORTANT NEWS - Coastwatch Redcar is about to undertake a major project to replace the old Lookout Cabin. The last Watch from the old Lookout will be on 7th July. Work will start on 8th July and is expected to take approx. one month. During this time a limited Watch will be provided from the Redcar Palace Hub. However, we will not be able to provide a live weather or webcam  service during this period and we offer our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Telephone and email contacts will remain the same throughout the period of work. Please contact the Station directly on 01642 491606 if you would like any further information.

04/03/14            The results of the Evening Gazette Wish Token Campaign have been published. Coastwatch Redcar made it into the list of top 10 collectors, with 58,608 tokens collected on our behalf and an award of £635.55. A magnificent effort from  all of our supporters .... thank you all very much !

Thanks also to the Evening Gazette for once again running the campaign which benefits many in our local community.

21/12/13            A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our supporters and visitors to the website.

06/12/13            We apologise for the the loss of the live webcam service last night.  The system was totally swamped by requests to view the cameras to see the exceptionally high tide !

There is now a 5 min timeout on the Webcam page, after which you will be returned to the Home Page.

10/10/13            The Evening Gazette Wish Campaign is underway. We would like to collect as many Tokens as possible to help with our essential fundraising. The tokens are printed in the Evening Gazette each evening and we would greatly appreciate it if you could save them on our behalf.  Thank You

19/07/13            Web Cams back on line, but still on test so subject to possible breaks in service.

12/07/13            Live weather data is now available again. We hope to have the live web cam  feeds available again very soon.

01/07/13           Apologies :  for technical reasons our Weather Data and Web Cam feeds are currently unavailable. We are working to restore these services as soon as possible.

22/06/13           We are looking for new recruits to our team of Volunteer Watchkeepers. If you would like to help us to help others by giving a few hours of your time each week, then please get in touch with us to arrange an introductory visit.

27/04/13          Sally completed the London Marathon in a time of 3 hrs 44 mins .... and has raised over £1000 for Coastwatch Redcar. A brilliant achievement... well done Sally .... and a big thank you from us all at Coastwatch.  

Click  Here to see a photo of Sally on the day.      

14/04/13         Sally Buckworth from Cleveland Cascades Ltd is taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday 21st April and she is very kindly raising sponsorship money for Coastwatch Redcar.  If you would like to sponsor Sally then please go to her fundraising page by clicking on this link  MyDonate or alternatively go to our Fund Raising page for other ways of making your donation.

02/03/13        Coastwatch Redcar would like to thank everyone who collected Evening Gazette Wish Tokens on our behalf.  We were one of the top ten collectors with a grand total of 64924 tokens, for which we received £533.01

Thank you for your efforts.  Thanks also to the Evening Gazette for running the Wish Campaign once again.

18/02/13       Guest Book updated.

12/01/13       Incidents page modified to include 2013 statistics.

12/10/12       It is with sadness that Coastwatch Redcar has learned of the death of one of its Senior Watchkeepers. Neil Smith was a long serving member of the Coastwatch team and was there at the start as a founder member and fundraiser. He passed away on Wednesday evening after a long illness. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family. His wife Barbara was a Secretary for Coastwatch and our thoughts are with her at this difficult time.

03/10/12       Coastwatch Redcar are once again collecting Evening Gazette WISH Tokens. With the help of one of our patrons .... Cleveland Cascades Ltd .... we are hoping to replace our Lookout Facility soon and the money raised via the WISH tokens will be used in support of this project.  If you are able to collect WISH  tokens on our behalf it will be greatly appreciated ... the more tokens we collect, the more cash we receive.  You can drop off the tokens at the Station or send them  to the address shown on the ‘Contact Us’ page.  Thank You.

16/09/12       Animated flag replaced.

23/08/12       Good news ..... the technical problem with our weather station has been resolved and it is now back on line.

22/08/12      Apologies .... our weather station is currently experiencing technical problems and has been taken offline until the problem can be rectified.  An alternative source of weather information for Redcar can be found at the BBC Website by clicking  Here

28/07/12     A great day for the Rotary event in Redcar last Saturday.... thanks to everyone involved in organising the day and making it a success.  Special thanks also to our Volunteers on the Coastwatch display and to everyone who came to see us and supported us with donations.

30/06/12    On the 21st July the Rotary Club of Redcar is marking the approach of the Olympic games and the charitable activities in the town by organising a fun day. On the High Street there will be a Town Fair event featuring local charities and service organisations who will be showcasing their work and some will be fund raising. Coastwatch Redcar will be taking part in the event so please come along and see us.  More information is available by visiting the Redcar Rotary Website  Here  or  click  Here  to view the poster.

29/05/12    We are pleased to report that out our telecommunications problems have now been resolved and the telephone, web cams and weather station are now back on line. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

28/05/12  Apologies ....we have an ongoing technical fault with the telephone line to the Station resulting in the loss of our telephone and internet services, including the Live Weather and the Web Cams.  We will restore these services as soon as we possibly can.

18/04/12  It is with great sadness that we have to report the loss of one of our much respected Senior Watchkeepers.

Gordon Fowler passed away on Friday 13th April having been ill for some time. His sense of humour and story telling abilities will be greatly missed by all of us at Coastwatch Redcar.

Followers of the exploits of ‘The Redcar Winkle' may not have realised that these tales were penned by Gordon ....  the stories will remain on our website in memory of him.

Our thoughts and sympathies are very much with Gordon's family and friends at this very sad time.

R I P  Gordon (aka 'The Redcar Winkle')

03/04/12  Our Station Controller and three of his Watchkeepers escaped from  the ‘Lookout’ today and immediately headed South to visit Humber Coastguard.  Many thanks to all of the Coastguard staff on shift for making us feel very welcome and for explaining the workings of the Operations Room. Click Here or on the Gallery button above to view some photos of the visit.

28/03/12  New Lifeboat:  Redcar’s new Atlantic 85 Lifeboat “Leicester  Challenge III” arrived on station today.

Click Here to view a photo.

18/03/12   Well done to all our supporters who collected a total of 65976 Evening Gazette ‘Wish Tokens’ for Coastwatch Redcar. We received a very welcome £581 ..... Thank You.

27/01/12   We now have a second webcam at the Lookout providing a view across West Scar.  Our two cameras automatically switch between views every 30 seconds. Thanks to Camsecure CCTV for their help and support in providing this service. Please click on the link above to view their website.

18/11/11 Tidal information added to Home Page. Click on the table for more detail. This information provided by

News : Although still subject to some tuning and tweaking, our new webcam is now operational from  the Lookout. Click on the camera icon to see the view from  the Lookout.

News : Thanks to the generosity of one of our Patrons, Cleveland Cascades Ltd, we now have a new Weather Station. Click on the weather icon to view live weather data from the Lookout.

News : The Managing & Operations Directors of local company, Cleveland Cascades Ltd recently visited the ‘Lookout’ and kindly agreed to offer their support as Patron of Coastwatch Redcar.  To find out more about Cleveland Cascades Ltd view their website from  our Links page.

Wanted :  Your Evening Gazette ‘Wish Tokens’. Please support us and help save lives by sending your tokens to us ... see our Contact Us page for the address .... or call in and see us at the Lookout.

Back due to popular demand ... the ‘Redcar Winkle’ returns with Part 2 of his sea going adventures !  See our Volunteers page or click here to view.

David Jamilly visits the‘Lookout’

See our Gallery page to view a photo.

For more information on current weather, wind and sea state at Redcar you are welcome to give us a call on 01642 491606.